Papatoetoe North -


PADMASTER is the ultimate in pole safety pad and is easily our most popular choice.

This design has been specifically modelled for the inclement NZ weather, including eyelets in the base of each pad which allows for any excess water to drain through. This prevents waterlog occurring, ensuring your pads remain attached properly and in good shape.

These robust pads are backed with a 1-year warranty.



PADLITE is our base range pad and doesn't offer the same life span as the PADMASTER. 

With a 25mm foam inner, these pads are more suited to pre-schools and children's daycare centers where less impact is involved and extra firmness isn't as necessary.

PADLITE do not include water draining outlets, but are available to be added via discussion with our team if desired.



Our PADLOCK upgrade gives you the opportunity to keep your protection pads under lock and key at all times.

Designed to prevent pads being stolen or removed unnecessarily, this feature ensures the security of your pad when not supervised.



Get creative with our optional printing feature and style your pads however you like! Colours, words, logos, values; the options are endless... so let your imagination run wild while you add your own definition of crazy to the environment.