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Get yourself a round PVC bellow to cover your machines today!

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Protecting your machines - We'll cover your needs.

Here at Safeguard we have just delivered a small round bellow to one of our customers. This one is going on a rod in a pneumatic cylinder. This kind of machine protection is vital to maintaining the life of the cylinder.

The image to the right shows where this cylinder is installed. The buildup of dirt and dust is inevitable, but you can safeguard your equipment with a custom-made bellow.

When bellows and covers are fitted to machinery, expensive maintenance costs and down time can be reduced or eliminated. Choose to protect exposed lead screws, ball screws, splines, shafts and other machine components with Safeguard bellows and covers.

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Applications like this one are very common, and we would like to make it easy for you to get a solution.

The size of the bellow, it's extension, convulsions, sleeves, materials, etc. are all custom-made to suit your requirements and environmental concerns.

Safety, durability and reliability = that's the Safeguard way

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