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How to cheer someone up

We are having some friends around for dinner tonight, and a little birdie told me that one of them needs cheering up. This prompted me to do a bit of 'googling' for some ideas of how I can help. I came across this really interesting post on that gives an easy-to-understand insight into the molecules inside us that need triggers to cheer them up. (Plus it also had some really cool diagrams to simplify the information.)

Before you skip straight to the graphic below, I will explain a bit about the 'happy hormones' that many of you may have heard of, but maybe haven't fully understood what they do.

There are seven different molecules in our brain that are known to be responsible for our positive emotions and each one is activated in a different way in order to send feel-good sensations throughout our bodies.

These 'happy hormones' are serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, endorphin, endocannabinoid and GABA.

Below is a bunch of science-backed ways to trigger those first four (and most common) happy hormones in order to brighten someone’s day. Many of these actions will trigger more than one molecule, so don’t worry about picking one from each category. Instead, focus on the person you are trying to cheer up and how they react to the situation!

Whether you choose just one of these science-backed activities or try to see how many different ways you can cheer someone up, you are sure to activate someone's happy hormones and put a smile on their face.

Don’t worry if they aren’t feeling better immediately. It does take time for the hormones to trigger and heal the pain or disappointment they may be feeling. However, seeing you make the extra effort to put a smile on their face will provide extra support and let them know they are loved when they are feeling down.

Now, check out how you can cheer someone up today:

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