• Savana

Navy PadMaster Round🔵

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

This project involved our standard - and recommended - PadMaster round safety pads.

This school also chose to add our security feature (wise move😉) which includes a padlocking system to ensure their pads won't be stolen or misplaced. We recommend Schools, and other public areas where pads are exposed, to include this feature. Pads have been known to disappear due to theft and vandalism!

We think the finished project at this school looks great with their single colour choice Navy. This splash of colour creates some fun and adds a feature to their playing area without drawing attention to it!

Way to go Sir Douglas Bader Intermediate!

Here is our padlocking system after the manufacturing process.

There is a padlock positioned near the top of the pad, and another lock near the bottom.

Both padlocks are hidden behind the closing flap once the pad is wrapped around pole.

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