Designed with a super high strength, tear resistant, UV (ultraviolet) & FR (flame resistant) treated PVC membrane outer, and a marine grade, firm, water-resistant foam inner, our safety shapes stand as sturdy as the day they're manufcatured, for generations to come!


​​Interested in personalising? ​

Safeguard allows you to create your own exciting environment with your desired colour schemes and promotional wording or branding, either chosen to blend in or to stand out! Our team of experts will customise post pads of any shape and form to meet your specific needs.

We have had requests for various needs such as medical cushions, softball base pads, and pads for covering the boom of machines plus more, so the options are endless when it comes to protective padding! 

Nothing is too big or too small here at Safeguard, and we do our best to fulfil all customer needs.