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Safety comes first - always. 

That's why here at Safeguard we're passionate about creating products to satisfy our customers and their needs. 

We believe everyone has the right to feel safe and at ease in their workplace, therefore we believe our bellows are the solution to any problem!

Safeguard specialises in fabricating various bellows including round, linear and scissor lift bellows.

Examples of machinery our bellows are used to safeguard include:

  • hydraulic rams and pumps

  • ball screws

  • scissor lifts and lift tables

  • linear motion products

  • food manufacturing equipment

  • various other moving parts on machinery

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Designed to protect both staff and machinery from potential damage or severe injury, each bellow is made individually from scratch using specific materials to meet the requirements of the customer.

Bellows also prevent hazardous elements such as oil, dirt, dust and other foreign objects getting caught in the machine, including accidental human interaction.

As manufacturers of protection products, we recognise the importance of the NZ/AUST Manufacturing Safety Standard (AS4024-2006), Health and Safety Employment Act 1992 and Healthy and Safety at Work Act 2015.

We're constantly looking for new ways we can make a difference to safeguard people and their machinery in their workplaces.

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